Exploiting 101: The comprehensive guide

Exploiting is the act of using scripting engines to elevate your gameplay experience. For many, it is a source of endless fun, while for others, it is an opportunity to learn how certain games and applications work. Exploiting, when done right, is relatively harmless and cheap. However, the wrong tutorials, and their advice thereof, could result in an overall negative experience. exploiting.guide‘s mission is to bring forward the objective, time-tested methods on safe exploiting, and hopefully, create a safe script-writing and script-using experience for everybody.

First and foremost, you must understand that while exploiting is relatively safe, it is not without risk. Most video games and software do not officially support the use of scripting engines, and many scripting engines explicitly forbid the use of their facilities for exploiting purposes. Therefore, there is always the risk that you may get banned from using the video game or from the scripting engine altogether. However, if you properly follow this guide, you will end up avoiding all risks.

Additionally, exploiting is completely legal in Europe and North America. There is the misconception that exploiting is illegal due to the scripting engines’ capability to extend gameplay boundaries beyond what’s normal, but that’s completely legal. While exploiting is considered bending the rules, and therefore carries the risk of being banned, it won’t result in any legal ramifications, so you can sleep easy tonight.

I. Preparatory measures

Before we delve into obtaining and using a scripting engine, you should first prepare a safe environment for exploiting.

  1. Create an alternative account (alt) that you will use for exploiting purposes. Using alternative accounts significantly reduces the risk of being identified while exploiting. Plus, if you get unlucky and end up being banned, it is your alternate account that will be affected and not your main account.
  2. Use a VPN to use your video game or software. A VPN (short for “virtual private network”) is an additional layer of security placed between your network and a server which hides your true identity from remote entities. There is a lot of free VPNs out here, but we personally recommend ProtonVPN, which is hosted in Switzerland, a country with extensive laws on privacy and online security.
  3. Temporarily disable your anti-virus. This may seem a bit weird to suggest considering we are creating a safety-oriented environment, but antiviruses tend to interfere with scripting engine functionality due to their nature. Leaving your antivirus on can impact the performance of your scripting engine or disable it altogether. You can safely re-enable your antivirus after using your scripting engine if you want.

II. Obtaining a scripting engine

At exploiting.guide, we officially recommend Synapse X as our preferred scripting engine. Synapse X is to the exploiting scene as Coca-Cola is to the beverage market: a time-tested classic that never fails. Of course, there are plenty of options out here which claim to be infinitely cheaper, but none of them matches the performance and the flexibility of Synapse X.

Synapse X currently costs between $15 and $20 USD, and has been one of the cheapest scripting engines currently available on the market. As expected, you can pay with a credit card or a debit card using PayPal, but if you don’t want to use a credit card, you can also pay with store-bought Steam cards worth 20$ or with the cryptocurrency of your choice. If you buy with cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, you get a 25% discount, meaning you pay $15 instead of $20! You can learn more about cryptocurrency here.

You can purchase Synapse X here. Do not fall for the scams which promises discounted copies of Synapse X elsewhere on the Internet! Synapse X can only be bought on the website linked above, and buying seemingly “discounted” copies of Synapse X will inevitably result in you losing your money. Additionally, all “cracks” or “free” copies of Synapse X are also scams, but most of them are in fact malware!

Follow the instructions in the video below if you need any help with buying or using Synapse X. Thank god Youtube is always there to help.

III. Finding scripts

You got your Synapse X set up and working? Good! Don’t forget that Synapse X, however, isn’t meant for exploiting, and therefore doesn’t come with any exploiting features off the bat. If you want to exploit using Synapse X, you will have to find scripts online. We personally know certain communities which offers a lot of scripts, and we recommend you join them. Such communities are:

  • PH4NTOM — Scripting and programming community. Most of the users on those forums use Synapse X, so most of the scripts found on that website will surely be compatible.
  • lyst.gg Forums — Another scripting and programming community, with focus on Synapse X and another scripting engine. Take note that lyst.gg is undergoing regular maintenance, so the site may be down intermittently.
  • V3rmillion — A community constituted of veterans of the exploiting community. It has became slightly less user-friendly and more elitist in the past few years, but keeps offering great scripts nonetheless. However, V3rmillion doesn’t offer a lot of support for Synapse X scripts.

Keep in mind that the best scripts are those explicitly compatible with Synapse X! If they do not officially support Synapse X, their performance may be significantly degraded.