• Scripting engine: Utility which is used to execute scripts. In this instance, we use scripting engines to change the gameplay or behavior of a video game or software. An example of a scripting engine is Synapse X.
  • Exploiting: Using a scripting engine to elevate gameplay or software behavior. The term doesn’t signify exploiting as in abusing a vulnerability to achieve some sort of goal.
  • Injection: The act of taking a DLL or another binary file (such as an .exe) and inserting it into the memory of another process. Many tools allow you to inject DLLs into processes, but most scripting engines comes prepacked with that functionality.
  • Lua: The Lua programming language is a versatile scripting language used by many (but not necessarily all) scripting engines. It’s ease of use and implementation thereof makes it the obvious choice for many developers, albeit some may prefer a more complicated scripting language such as C# or TypeScript.
  • Script: A script is a single piece of code that is easily redistributed and doesn’t usually require extra libraries.
  • Decompiler: A decompiler is a tool which allows a user to view the code of a video game or software. Certain scripting engines that offers code analysis toolkits usually provide a decompiler.